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Bad server connections recently

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Is it just me or have the servers been hiccuping frequently recently? The game will load and I'll go to open a parts box and the server connections fails and I lose all my parts. This happens every single time I log into the game. I have to run a duel first before opening a crate.

Also, the frequency of duels starting and I'm immediately 8+ seconds behind my opponent has increased. I saw that Chris stated in another thread that there's not much they can do about this, but why then is the entire gameplay designed around the need for solid server connections?????

Just give the players what they want and design a full single player career mode.

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Server connection problems are your own fault. Haven't you read any of the official responses? You have very poor internet. The worst. 

Now, as far as giving the players what they want? I'm sorry. But your text is breaking up. I'm finding it very difficult to read your message. It must be your extremely poor quality internet service provider. Is there anything else I can help you with? We are always here to help and provide the best gaming experience we can.

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