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What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - FPS Bug

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Here is a sample video to show you the "FPS Down bug" of Dirt Rally 2.0 (PC) when you go Off the track huge amount of FPS drops occours.

  • During gameplay avg FPS 64 is going down to 24 (-40 FPS down) !!!
  • During replay avg FPS 55 is going down to 46 (-9 FPS drops ONLY compare 9 to 40 ... Oops)


Same huge amount of FPS drops occours in every track, any weather condition. The game is getting unplayable if you leave the track by four wheels off.

CM should address this problem and check why replay has less FPS down this could be the key to make less FPS drops off the track playing the game.

The reason for the difference : replay has got more visual effects than gameplay.
Not just FPS drops is the problem, the whole game is slowing down with timing, as you can see in this sample video as the action is getting slides away...
This issue is present since the first relase v1.0

Please Codemasters, Fix this issue.

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I tried to replicate this with my install on both Spain (daytime dry conditions like the video above) and also in Australia and could not, at all.

Maybe you want to rule out your own hardware being the problem first? Have you see anyone else with this issue? (I haven't).

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It does not depend on your hardware or your graohics reset. it must be a software bug. Here's the evidence, same FPS down to 25 at lowest settigs


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Very sad that no answer comes from devs... 😞

I found that this error occours for Time Attack mode only. If you race in (even a custom) Championship there's no FPS drop bug occours, or at least almost unrecognisable.
There must be a BUG in the code which makes different
Maybe a buggy implementation of a funtion in your code which try to prevent corner-cutting ?

C'mon Codemaster, please FIX it!

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