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Logitech G920 making clunking noises


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A question to Logitech G29/G920 PC users out there. Are you also experiencing loud clunking noises and rough feedback when countersteering in very slow corners? I have never experienced it before in any racing titles, on older Logitech G steering wheels, so I was wondering if there is something wrong with my G920 or maybe this has to do with how FFB works in Dirt Rally 2? I ask that becasue after some testing I realised that it's tied to Suspension and Tyre Friction settings, because if I set them to 0, the clunking noises and rough feedback in slow corners cease to exist.

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On 4/24/2019 at 11:14 PM, andmcq said:

do not have this on my G920

What FFB settings and rotation range do you use?

Self Aligning Torque:

Wheel Friction: 

Tyre Friction:



Soft Lock:

Steering Centre Force:

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7 hours ago, Pistro said:

What FFB settings and rotation range do you use? 450 degrees I believe

Self Aligning Torque: 25

Wheel Friction: 5

Tyre Friction: 0

Suspension: 0


Soft Lock:0

Steering Centre Force: off

I got these settings from GamerMuscle, Youtuber who seems to know what he's talking about. As I prefer a very light steering with Rally games, I further lowered the settings here & there from his original suggestions. Can link video if you like.


Also, I have edited the device_defines files with a value of 2.4 for the G920.

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I tried similarly low settings and I didn't have this problem then, but I prefer to feel more. Could you please try my settings and see if you run into any issues then? I presume you'd need to revert to default values in device_defines for this to be meaningful. If you decide to do this try it with some H3 RWD car as they seem to be the worst with this issue. I will be extremely grateful.

900 degrees rotation

Self Aligning Torque: 70

Wheel Friction: 0

Tyre Friction: 150

Suspension: 150

Collision: 150

Soft Lock: 150 (On)

Steering Centre Force: off



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I reset the device defines file default and set wheel and 900 with all the other settings.

Wasn't sure if it was a specific car or track that affects you the most.

Tried in Sweden with the Evo 6, in NZ with the 240z and in Spain with the 205 Evo 2.

Didn't experience any clunking noises at all either at fast or slow corners, using hand brake etc.

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