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Argentinien auf Landkarte

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Der Punkt wo Argentinien liegt ist in

Wirklichkeit Bolivien. Es ist nur ein kleiner Fehler 🙂 


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Posted (edited)

(first of all, I'm sorry I cannot reply in German)

but no, it's not Bolivia. the Argentinian stages in DR 2.0 are based on SS16+18 (Copina - El Cóndor) from https://www.rally-maps.com/Rally-Argentina-2019

(thanks to @DocStrangelove who started this thread. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36078-dirt-rally-20-real-life-locations/ )

more specifically, it is a little west of CĂłrdoba, in central Argentina. I know that because I've been there (and Bolivia too actually). they're both great! you should go if you can.

if you're still not sure, look at these photos I found on google streetview and look at the map of the road (the little white one in google maps). it's exactly the roads we see in the game.





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