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[PC] Formula Fusion F1 League

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Sign-ups are now open for Season 21 on F1 2019! Please only sign up if you are committed to completing the full season.

The initial sign-up deadline is set to 12th July 2019 @ 20:00 UK time. You must sign up before this time to be included in the initial league placements. Sign-ups after this time will only be added to the leagues if there are still spaces available.

Welcome to Season 21 of the Formula FUSION F1 League! After 20 successful seasons on the Codemasters F1 games, it's time to move into the F1 2019 game!

Formula FUSION is all about having an enjoyable experience on track by following proper racing rules, as opposed to the demolition derby that is public lobbies and other racing leagues. We have built a reputation for providing clean, fair, and competitive league racing, and we will do our best to ensure that this continues in the best feasible way. But remember, to achieve this, we depend on you as a driver to respect the rules and drive in a professional and fair manner!

It doesn't matter how fast and experienced you are - we welcome drivers of all skill levels to join the fun. All we require is that you've got the mindset of a clean racer.


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This is one of, if not, the only league that runs 100% races, definitely worth checking out!

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