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[PC] F1 2018/2019 - FRL Season 1 : 2nd Commentator Needed!

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Us at FRL need a 2nd commentator to commentate alongside our current one. Our current commentator is currently a race steward as well

Requirements :

Must be able to record/stream if primary commentator is unable to

Should be able to attend all races

Will be required to make steward's decisions with fellow commentator

Must be able to make the mid season switch to F1 2019 immediately

Must be on PC

What is FRL?

FRL stands for Fv1rtual Racing League , named after the founder who's name on Instagram is Fv1rtual. He posts clips of F1 201X games sent in by his followers. We started FRL just over a month ago and we have been growing throughout the season.


Race Highlights for FRL Season 1 Round 5 :


We would like another commentator to provide two opinions on events that occur in the race, and help with stewarding and broadcasting.

If you'd like to join FRL as a driver or commentator, feel free to hop into the Discord below!



Top 5 Moments of FRL Season 1 Round 5



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