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Safety Rating

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My safety rating is slowly but surely heading towards zero. I race fairly. I do not ram opponents or push them off the track. I cannot however race to win without some accidental contact occurring. I was once a Green 5 rating, yet since recent updates, I cannot improve my rating which is currently 0.6, even with a clean race with no contact with any other car. I have dropped from the highest to the lowest without any change in the way I drive. So how do I achieve a higher rating if even clean racing isn't rewarded? I'm not sure if it even matters, since information about the Safety Rating system is non-existent, but it is discouraging to be judged as a poor driver when you are the same driver that once was given the highest rating.

Update: Extended periods of uninterrupted play increases your SR. However you must win races. Safe driving combined with losses lowers your SR. Exactly why only winners are safe is a mystery.

New update: This system makes no sense. I lost two grid starts and jumped from 1.2 to 3.6, then won two Qualifying races and dropped to 2.3. Safety Rating is a joke.

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Something changed before the weekend.  I've been stuck circling in red/yellow in spite of running clean as possible races.  

But I've also had mostly unbeatable bot's that have party mode on demand, ram, block and brake check in Grid mode - so lots of unavoidable contact with minimal chance to win.

Having a penalty system that behaves randomly and no one can explain is not enhancing the "user experience.

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