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State of Play - 23/04/19

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Hello all 🙂 

With the bank holidays and festivities done for April, I wanted to post a quick update on where we stand with a number of topics, in a bitesize form that's much easier to swallow than all these Easter eggs. So... 

- Update 5 is making great progress and in the final stages of testing and development. Whilst we don't reveal launch dates, as so much is subject to change, it's pretty safe to say that the gap between announcement and launch will be smaller than usual... 

- Expect a flurry of content/news/information regarding Update 5, as there are lots of new and interesting things to chat about, including multiple additions based on community requests/feedback! 

- Visual and technical changes will also be included in the update, as always. Topics such as the penalty system and connection quality/losing Cup Points during a disconnection are at the top of our priority list - if I don't feed back on topics such as these, it's because we've already stated what the situation on that topic is, and will update whenever progress in made. Earlier this month I met the development team in Lyon and we had a lot of good talks about not just the areas of the game you're wanting improvements, but the priorities within that, and where the key points of focus should be. I know it's tricky sometimes to see how hard they and everyone else is working on further improving the game, but they really are 😉 

- The Baku GP Event rewards are now set. Out go visual rewards and back come F1 Credits for this weekend - it's not a permanent switch and due to a couple of factors, one of which being players requesting the return of F1 Credits to the mode. Visual rewards WILL return 🙂


As always, thanks for playing and giving us your constructive feedback 🙂 see you on the track! 

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Thanks for sharing the info Chris - very much appreciated.

Hope you had some time to experience and enjoy Lyon,  it is among my favorite cities 😁

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