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Idea:Have your friend as a co-driver

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Hello Codemaster! I have an awesome idea about a co-driver feature.



Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your friend as co-driver that calls out all the the corners like the ai in the game does. so you and your friend can cooperate together, this would be a more realistic and tense situation where skill is demanded by both.


How it would work

It would be nice if you could add a lobby feature where one has the role as a driver and one as a co driver. So the co-driver sits in the passenger seat and can see all the corners and bumps on the screen and his job is to inform the driver about all the turns because the driver no longer can see it on his/her screen. It would also be cool if you could add so you can search for other players if you don’t have a friend to play with, this would require a mic push to talk feature. This would make the game more living and exciting to play



It would also be cool if you could host tournaments where the driver and co-driver compete against other people from around the world. Making this an esport wouldn’t be wrong either


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Awesome idea man! Would really like codemaster to add this feature. Imagine getting a Russian as your co-driver which keeps screaming blyat in his mic! Lmao, this would create epic moments, I would love to see this in dirt rally. Truly EPIC!

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