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Looking for a league where i can improve my pace and driving style

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Hello guys, 

As the title suggests I'm looking for a league on F1 2018, or when it releases, F1 2019. 

I consider myself slow, why I want to join a league where i can work on my pace. One reason why i am so slow might be that i use assists like ABS, medium traction control and auto gears. My goal is that i am able to drive without Assists one day, which is why I want to join a league where there isn't that much of pressure, but there is still a competitive character. 

I currently live in Europe and would prefer a racing time that's not too late in the evening, but just tell me your starting time and i will think about it. 


Thanks for reading and im looking forward to any kind of response. 
I race on PC, although I own a PS4 but I don't want to race there.


Best regards, 


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Hi Kryptox. At Invictus Racing League we welcome drivers of all abilities and have also helped drivers new to online League racing. We have a variety of Leagues available to suit all levels and experience. We have a supportive community that welcome drivers who are looking to enjoy clean racing. All of our races are hosted at 8pm (UK).


Feel free to have a look at our website; and if you're interested in joining then complete the sign-up page and one of our team will speak to you via private message.




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