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F1 2021 | Online Services Update 11:00AM UK Time | Expected to last no longer than 2 hours ×

We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting


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I was giving hope to another audio format, unfortunately this option doesn't help.

Today the sound failed 3 times which is a world record of the day.


When can we expect such an important audio repair?



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On 4/25/2019 at 12:57 PM, ChristinaMc said:

Hello - sorry to hear this issue is still persisting for you! Could you please let us know...

What platform you're on:

When does the audio-cut out occur (car/stage/weather):

If you're able to capture video next time it happens?

We've worked to minimise this issue, so it's disappointing to hear you're still being affected. If you can get back to me with the above, we can take a look at reproducing the issue and finding out what's causing it.

Hi, I just caught the audio bug while recording,


It's at approx 1:22

This is TT, Steam, PC Windows 10 Pro 64. Fiesta R2 (of course)

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Again and again I have to remind, the error manifests itself still on all platforms.

Is there so many users who complain, and the CM does nothing!

Can please @ChristinaMc or someone else explain why, even after the release of the 6th patch in a row is not a serious fault removed?

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Had this issue several Times. On Windows 160x whit no Updates. Now whit a freshly installed Windows just after 4 hours again..


I can Temp Fix that whit alt Tabing the Game and Disable and enableing the soundcard. Sound is up and running ingame again.. 

YouTube Vid whit two Audio Cutoffs.



Dx and details will follow

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Got this bug for the first time today.

You always think it will happen to someone else, and then it hits you.

3rd stage of an Argentina rally championship. At first I had denial, then anger, then remorse, then I paused the game, got a beer, turned the co-driver hud options back on and finished the stage - badly (cooking my clutch and gear box along the way).

This is very clearly a game engine issue - the fact that it just occurred after tens of dozens of hours is bizarre, but there it is. I hope it's a one off, but who knows.

Just adding my voice to the chorus of people asking this to be fixed, properly this time.

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I've had this 3 times, twice last night, fixed it by unplugging and replugging my headphones. It feels more than just a game engine issue, it's like it's causing actual hardware failure, especially as it caused system wide sound cut for me - I had Youtube running on a 2nd monitor and that went silent too.

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