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I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciated how often you were on the message boards and responded to posts, which were frequently critical about parts of the games that you personally had no direct control over.  
It was a pleasure to have met you last* year at the community event - and I wish you all the best for the future.
(*edit: wow - actually the year before last - doesn't time fly?!!)
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dirt3joe said:

As regards Grid AS, what can I say ? I think it's fundamentally a great game and you guys got most of the base design right, but the execution of it was flawed, for many of the reasons everyone on here already know. I think it deserved more success than it has had so far. Unfortunately I'm not the entire gaming public. There's lots of things I liked about GAS, but in particular I thought the build up campaign and many of the teaser videos were great - the team did a great job there.

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Dammit @loore, who am i going to shout at now? 

Shouting at @justbiglee does not feel the same :(

 When things went wrong and punches starting flying you stood up, took a few on the chin and dodged the rest like boss and taught a few people a lesson afterwards, you did not fall down and you did it with swagger.....your were codemasters  Mohamed Ali xD

In all seriousness Gl where ever you go, You can take pride knowing how much people here respect you.
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