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how about skip f1 2019 game ...

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2 hours ago, JonnyHoonit said:


And re-selling old content as new with Dirt Rally 2 pretty much sums up the type of company they're becoming and that is a real shame.  I've been playing Codemasters since the prehistoric Spectrum days and I really don't like to see them just becoming another "one of those" games developers.

That's no Codemasters Issue, nearly everyone did that. ever played a 2K sports game?

Gaming industry is a shark tank, it's eat or die.
It's not the companys that are driving the problem, it's the market and the buying behaviour of the customers.

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19 hours ago, BelgiumDude said:

Be aware that this is an international forum with users from all over the world who do their best to type in English. As my name suggests I'm from Belgium so my native tongue is also not English. Don't attack people on their grammar. You can't expect everyone to speak and write English like a native English speaker.

My English is really bad but still I win every argument in English :classic_tongue:

That's not what I was referring to. It was more or less the fact that people are too lazy to say "you" for example. That is just irritating

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17 hours ago, AcidBurn247 said:

What is your idea of "Very Few" in terms of the amount of people playing online.


You seem to talk about it as if its a fact , please state where you get this information from .


I only play online , and have found a huge community solely based on this Facet of the Game , with 24/7 Racing happening any day of the Week , Multiple High Level Leagues all over the world on each day of the week etc. etc.

Want to challenge that. I race just about any sim on PC, I've also raced online for F1. The simple fact of it, people aren't as interested in this type of online compared to others. My country has probably 5-10 leagues using F1 2018, in contrast you'd probably have 5-10 leagues running on games such as automobilista, iracing or rfactor in just a span of 500KM radius. 

Your idea of 'a lot' isn't the same idea of what I think of as being a lot. While it isn't written as a rule, it's very well known amongst sim racers that console games don't have the online appeal. Probably the only exemption would be Grand Tourismo

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2 hours ago, AcidBurn247 said:

Thanks for the Reply @mceci1 , but its not really concrete on anything other than your own observations , being put forward as facts.

Lets rather just agree to disagree on this , ok ?

So my story is the same as yours. Personal opinion based off what we have seen. From my experience, consoles simply don't have the appeal. There is many reasons why the leagues I race in use PC. Graphics, physics, better capabilities, that sort of thing. This sort of thing doesn't have statistical evidence as a rule. What can be argued as fact is based which part of the community you are in if you get what I mean

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