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Full Trackside Replay on DiRT Rally 2.0 RX Daily

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2 hours ago, scottish-jim said:

Yeah @JorritVD I also posted about Germany Replays here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38541-germany-trackside-replays-zoom-out-a-bit/ and nothing has changed.

There are still sound issues in the Trackside Replays for Wales too.


It's a bit disappointing 😞

Well, i think Codies DiRT team is aware of it. But they don't have unlimited resources, so they will probably work with a kinda priority list.

Things like new content and game breaking bugs are no. 1 priority and than followed by less priority things.
And than also it depends on other factors like impact and time.

Maybe these replay camera's are far from game breaking, as it works normal and in this case of this topic it is also a suggestion. Also it might cost s lot of time to get the camera right. So rather they focus on getting the camera's right for the new Legacy and Impreza.

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