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Error CP7

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I very recently bought the F1 2018 game to play on my playstation 4 console. After having played a couple of weeks of career mode, I decided to try out the multiplayer (online) game mode.

However, I have not managed to complete a single race as the error CP7 keeps appearing every 5 minutes. I would really appreciate some guidance as to how to fix this issue.

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Hey and welcome to the Codemasters' Forums!

Here is a reply by one of the developers of F1 2018. Please note that CP7 can happen on other consoles than just PS4, but I'm not sure if it's the same error code or not.


The error code means that there was a loss of connection to Sony's servers for an extended period of time. Typically, this is caused by bandwidth starvation, but your connection has so much bandwidth that it would be a challenge to consume all of it and starve the connection to PSN. The other interesting factor is that it only affects the one game mode. 

Are you able to check your firewall / router logs to check if any anomalies were reported at the time that the disconnection from the game session occurred?


Here is a link to the whole conversation.


I hope you'll enjoy your time on these forums and I hope you can get the issue resolved! 🙂

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