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Genesis Online Racing 16/40 Driver Spots Filled Need Commentator/Drivers

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We are a rebranded start up league looking to start our league with the release of the F1 2019 game. We are currently recruiting drivers of all skill levels, since we are running a two tier system. We are going to use the F2 cars on the lower tier for those placed on that tier. If you're interested in a competitive fun clean racing league please let me know. I'm currently working on the rulebook making a few changes to it to improve it. With that being said season 1 will run the full schedule on both F1 and F2 calenders. If you are interest please hit me up on here or PS4 for any and all details. PSN: DeathStorm6990

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We do allow assists. And the races are Tuesday night at 10pm est for the F2 and Wednesday night for the F1 tiers at the same time. If you'd like can I get your PSN and invite you to our discord page. I have a PDF of our rulebook 

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