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Getting to Elite is too easy, as soon as I start the first rally I’m always last unless the AI retires, CM clearly know about this it’s been all over the forums, and still after MONTHS it’s not sorted, since reaching Elite just a week or so after launch I’ve not been able to progress in career, and please don’t say it’s because I’m too slow, I’m usually in the top page in most community events if I don’t make any mistakes, so I know I have the pace, and just to further check, I made a world record on PS4, knocked down to 3rd now but still, a top pace, and I reset career until I got the same location to start Elite, and got no better than 22nd, LITERALLY ANY slight mistake on any corner at all and you see the pace leader just shoot off like a rocket on the progress bar, and as I said, even with record pace I can’t ever get top 10, I know some have been fine reaching Masters but it seems to be bugged for some not others, unless they’re pros using a wheel, come on CM this is rediculous, great way to get everyone happy for DR3 in a few years, this wait is too long and your shooting yourself in the foot for community reputation and most likely already damaging sales for future releases, just please fix it 

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