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FIX Manual Windscreen Wipers

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Turning them to munaul does nothing, they STILL start automatically at the start of EVERY stage, it’s annoys a good bunch of people that play in cockpit view, please fix this, along with the dirt collecting on the windscreen in a way where the game automatically thinks the wipers have been on when they haven’t, CM PLEASE go play Dirt 4 and look at your weather and windscreen graphics/physics, the fact that we’re all asking/begging you to make your most recent game look as good as your previous title says a lot about CM right now

No gamer should ever be asking for a new title to look as good as an older title, we should be getting improvements not the other way around, but yea this Windscreen Wiper issue has been in since DR1 and it’s just frustrating your player base, something so simple, or it should be 


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