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Official sponsors logos available as decals for custom livery cars (enhancement request)

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as you can see in the picture 1, there are a lot of OFFICIAL sponsor’s logo on the livery of a F1 car.

Should be great for me to add in the game these logos available, adding they to actual selection of geometrical shapes (circle, triangle,…). For example, could be very funny a green car sponsored by heineken, like in picture 2!


It seems to me simply to implement for Codies, funny for players, and well accepted form “secondary” little sponsors that see their logo big in some f1 cars!


People, what do you think about this idea for custom car?



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Good idea, but I think this is very unlikely to happen because they'd need separate contracts with every single sponsor to include them.

But purely cosmetic items like this or helmets should be the only things they sell as moneysink for whales instead of game breaking things like faster cars or daily epics of your choice.

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