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Classic Car Gearboxes

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Hi everyone,

Classic Cars have been a great addition to the latest F1 games but there is one thing about them that still leaves me hanging. The fixed gear ratios we have on the game. 

I know that gear ratios are fixed for the whole season in current F1. But the fact is that that was not the case before the V6 Hybrid era. Therefore, when setting up Classic cars in F1 2019, I want to be able to make changes to the gearbox settings on the car. Yet in F1 2017 and F1 2018, all the classic cars had fixed gear ratios as the current cars do which for me takes away the autenthicity of the classic cars, and I'm sure quite a few people will agree with me on this.

So I'm asking If anyone here at Codemasters can tell me if we will be able to change gear ratios with the Classic Cars on F1 2019.

Thank you. 😊

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I share the same aspect. Why the other cars has not option to change gearbox relation?As you said, in 2014 is impossible by new regulation.

Sorry for the english.

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