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DR2.0: To many nigtht- and rain stages.

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I really like the game but....

I think there are too many rain and wet stages.

It plays the fun of playing this game.

I refuse to believe that in the real rally, there are so many night stages and so many stages with rain.

And what happens to the rain? Rain drops as large as apples and wipers that apparently cannot keep the window clear of rain.

It worked much better in the Dirt Rally 1.

I have tried to damage all my headlights and try to see if it is possible to drive to the end of stage without headlight. You can´t.

It will of course not be possible in real rallyes, but in reality I also do not think that all the headlight will disappear.

I have never seen this happen in real rallyes.

And I'm still waiting to use my Oculus VR glasses.



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Same here. I’v done several championship rounds in rally and rx mode recently.

I think you are trying too much to make this game difficult. There is in my opinion too mamy night and raniy stages in rally mode. Also I am ****** that I played two championship seasons in rallycross mode and every single round, every single race WAS RAINING HEAVILY!

Why? There is no such thing as dynamic weather conditions. Like for example it could change between races or stages. But no... rallycross mode is such a fun for me but every single race weekend is full of this awful rain...

Please, respond to that in some way. We would really appreciate it. 

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