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[PC] "Error reading data. Please verify the integrity of the game cache."

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Platform: PC

Game Version: 1.16

Game Mode: Multiplayer (15 players and no AI) and Time Trial. Possibly occurs in others but I have not tested it.

Error Message: "Error reading data. Please verify the integrity of the game cache."

Setup: Logitech G29 Wheel and Pedals.



Last Sunday I was practicing for an AOR league race when my game crashed and presented the error message specified above. I verified the game files using Steam's diagnostic tool and it confirmed that there were no issues. The video clip above shows what happened during me attempting to participate in the race. Although the screen is black (due to my capture software), I was essentially Alt Tabbed to my desktop and presented with the error message. F1 2018 would still be "running" but was completely non-functional.

Fast forward to yesterday and the same thing happened when I was trying to practice for an SRL race. Since then I have done the following:

  • Re-installed F1 2018.
  • Re-installed Steam.
  • Updated Graphics Drivers.
  • Updated Internet Drivers.
  • Defragged my hard disk.
  • Cleaned my Windows registry.
  • Restarted the PC several times.
  • Optimised the game in GeForce Experience, both towards quality and performance.

I played the game for approximately 45 minutes earlier today and it worked flawlessly. Then I tried again a few hours later and it crashed in the same way as before after 10 minutes.

I have sent you an email with a crash dump, game save and Steam ID information. I would really appreciate your assistance with this or anyone else on here that might have some suggestions.

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