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Times (timetrial) and setups not transmit/saved on Spain

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Hi, i've experience a problem since few days no one of my time trial times (new personal best) was "saved" by racenet, (anything work fine on other places, daily..) i experienced the same issue with the setups, i save it, use it, and when i quit the session the setups has been disappeared 😞.

I'm not tested all location but on serval others that work fine.

Anybody experience same issue ? any solution ? 

+ Same situation on Monte-Carlo, with the C3 R5 too.. (no liveries on this car, not modifications) 


ps: PC version on Steam (last version available of each)

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Okay after some investigation i've try to execute a Steam "verify integrity of game files" and 2 missing files are fixed.. so after this check the issues was fixed !

To complet the feedback, I have already encountered this "file integrity" problem on steam with other games, with the same solution ! 



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