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[Bug] Game will fail when trying to open a box (recreation steps inside)

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Hey guys, ever since Update 5 I have noticed a consistent bug that I am able to recreate with 100% accuracy without fail.

If you have a box that has spent the time to unbox and is now ready to unbox (but has NOT been unboxed yet), and you try to open a new box, you will get an error which says "An error occured when saving your progression" which then causes the game to do a full restart.

The only way around it is to open the ready box and then after that start Researching a new box, you just can't start Researching if there is a ready to open but unopened box.

Phone: I am using a OnePlus 3T (Android). Game is fully up to date.

Here is a screenshot of the bug:


In the screenshot you can see that I had a regular box waiting to be opened, and I tried to open the Epic box, which caused the error. When I opened the regular box and then after tried to open the Epic box everything was fine.



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Hello and thank you for reporting this 🙂 we're seeing some other players on other channels reporting a similar issue, and we're investigating now to see what we can do to resolve it. Thanks again!

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