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BUG REPORT - FLASHBACK Invalid next lap

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This happens every time to me so figured would report this in case the code was re-used for the next game.


F1 2018

Latest version

Easiest way to see it happen every time:

Load up career/canada/full practice/race timing (the 3-5 lap one).

Cutting or slipping up on the final chicane invalidate current and next laps.

If you are in a practice session say done 1 good laps just need two more but you make mistake final chicane then current and next laps are invalid so you have no chance of making the full points for consecutive laps. I say NO chance because even if you press flashback the session FAILS. It cancels the current false lap of course as you are reset BEFORE the last chicane, so a tidy repeat will get you a valid lap but the next lap is ALWAYS invalid the moment you cross the line. This happens apparently on every course whenever there is a this lap an next invalid section , flashback will ALWAYS fail you on the next lap even if you drive flawlessly AFTER using flashback.

In gaming turns makes this last chicane a nail biter that you cannot risk a mistake at or fail practice. Flashback should rewind before all damage and penalties but it fails in this case,

Thanks for listening...ps I hate practice sessions at Canada for this reason!

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UGH...it just did it again at France at the chicane half a mile before last bend. Makes flashback useless in race practice mode...have to save every single map in mid session save or keep doing over and over when i should be PRACTICING lol.

so yeh flashback is BROKEN in race practice mode with any corner that invalidates the NEXT lap.


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