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Recreate F1 Online The Game

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Hi guys and girls,

 I want to ask you for something special (Excuse me my English). Our family was following almost every Formula game ever created and passionately playing since your beginnings, mostly every member independently. Until we found one game that united us all - F1 Online The Game. Me, my brother, our father, cousins and friends - all thousands of kilometres apart but connected together to share same passion or fight for podium. Thanks to its easy access from browser and awesome easy mechanics this game accomplished something any other game never did and I´m afraid never will and trust me I tried everything. So here is what I ask. Please Recreate F1 Online The Game or make something similiar. We understand that the beta project wasn´t as you thought it would be but I don´t even know where or how we found it but it was the best fun we have ever had. And that is what a lot of people wrote not only to you and your forums but also told me, that if they know there was something like this they would play it. Maybe browser gaming is dead but I can see something similiar on smartphones maybe (even if you already have a mobile game we will leave this decisions on you). I  wanted to contact you first and now there is also petition: http://chng.it/xNQ68RBfYy . I wish you all good luck and I hope I will hear from you soon even if it will be only one big NO. 
Sincerely Me
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