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Dirt 3 - USB driver dropping


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Hi there.

This is possibly an age-old problem but I have not found a fix for it yet, so I thought I'd just come here and whine about it ;)

While playing DiRT 3 (via Keyboard), Every 20 minutes or so, my keyboard usb drivers will just drop. My car will hard left or hard right into a wall and I'll throw my head into the nearest wall in real life. I've seen mention of this problem on steam forums and these problems were apparently mentioned here, but the thread must have been deleted, who knows.

Is there any known fix? Is there ever going to be a fix?

If you must know my specs

- Win 7 x64 (A legit copy.)
- AMD FX 8320 8core CPU
- 8gb ram
- Generic microsoft keyboard and mouse ;)

Any help is appreciated, Cheers :)
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