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Custom livery editor planned for DiRT Rally 2.0 ?

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I'm aware of the fact that custom liveries created with an in-game editor (as in DiRT 4) can never reach the quality of a fully hand-crafted livery, but still I liked the option to quickly make my own look.

As there are generic "user liveries" in DiRT Rally 2.0 that use a different file format than the real-life liveries in the first slots (and thus cannot simply be replaced with modded liveries, unlike in DiRT Rally 1), am I right to assume that these were introduced with a future in-game editor in mind?


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I wouldn’t complain about this, I kinda liked it in 4, but I’m OCD and ended up designing a single livery to put on ALL of my cars, to emphasise my team lol as long as CM didn’t start using this as an excuse to give us less proper livery options in future releases I’d like it to be in indefinitely, as personally I’d like to see more of the iconic and well known liveries in on some of the cars and well, just options! More choice = more enjoyment after all

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