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[BUG] Wireless Headphones Shut Off Randomly While Plugged In


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So I use my Corsair Void RGB 7.1 Wireless headphones as my primary audio device. When playing the game with headphones fully charged and not plugged in for charging, I have no issues with sound in game. However, if my headphones begin to die, I usually plug them in and continue to play, using them and charging them at the same time, this is really necessary for long sessions as my headphones are quite old now and the battery has lost some of its mojo. Anyhow, when they are plugged in like this I suddenly get this inconsistent and irregular sound issue where the game causes my headphones to shut off entirely. If I had to guess I would think that maybe the game is crashing the audio driver somehow? I'd say it happens at least once per stage, but can happen more or less frequently at random. Unplugging the headphones causes the issue to disappear.  This has been a recurring issue for me with two different models of corsair wireless headphones and started for me as far back as grid autosport, but DR2.0 has been by far the worst offender. Note that this issue is only tied to codemasters titles, including DR1, D4, F1-17, etc. The headphones work flawlessly in all other aspects of use except for with codemasters titles in specific. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and/or knows how to fix it. 


Possible Cause in DR2.0:

I noticed today specifically that when I disabled the option on the OSD for co-driver call graphics that the issue seemed to dissappear. About an hour later with no issues, I decided i did want the co-driver callout graphics and enabled the option in the OSD settings. After doing this, the problem reappeared relatively soon after, within 10 minutes. I have no idea if that's a coincidence or not but it seems like an odd setting to have that adverse side effect, especially when considering I've had this issue in past CM titles that dont have a co-driver or any related options. 


Side Note:

I also still experience that audio bug where the in game audio goes "pop" and then remains silent, except now quitting to the main menu doesn't fix it (it did when I had this problem the day after release). Now the only solution is quitting the game and restarting it. I thought this was supposed to be patched? Is there some kind of bootleg fix for this? The double trouble of audio bugs is tolerable for the most part but when they start acting up it gets hectic fast, that was the reason I rage quit my session tonight to post this. B/c I had two back-to-back headphone shutoffs then an audio "pop" then I restarted the game. Then had another headphone shutoff, then an audio "pop" then I raged. 


I'm also pretty sure the two issues presented here are mutually exclusive, even though they are both audio related. The audio "pop" bug is new to me for DR2.0 unseen in other CM games, unlike the headphone shutoff which I'm very familiar with.


Thanks! 🙂

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I have the same issue with my Logitech G33 set, it uses a usb to go wireless and it cuts off randomly every time I turn them on, to fix it I use a sewing needle to reset the usb when it cuts out, they work for the duration of my session, but when I turn them off and on again I have to do the same again, though I think for me it’s an issue with Sony or Logitech, I also have a pair of Skullcandy Crushers which are great for bass and go so loud but I can’t use the volume in them on PS4 because they don’t connect via Bluetooth, only via the cable and the default volume slider for headphones is atrocious in the PlayStation settings 2019 and no one seems to be able to use their headsets on consoles lol 😂 

praying the PS5 has this sorted 

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On 5/7/2019 at 8:47 AM, PetSild said:

Yeah that's for the audio cutting issue though which I have but has at least been addressed. The primary issue for me is the software compatability between my headset and the game, which causes the headphones to physically shut off at random times, but only when plugged in. The cutting is so infrequent now that it is basically a non-factor for me, but having my headphones shutdown every 15mins and having to reach up and reset them mid stage is infuriating, I can't count the number of times I've had my headphones shut off and in the commotion miss a call from Phil and go log cutting. I believe this issue is extremely specifc to my hardware, which is why I cant find almost any information on it or about it. That's why I'm trying to see if anyone with a similar corsair headphone setup has this issue too. 

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