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About updates, freemium model and R&D

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I'm very disappointed. Again. There's so much potential in this game and it just fails to deliver. 😞


This was the fifth major update to the game. All previous updates had serious issues after release, but I couldn't imagine things could go this bad as they do after V5. I'm sure it was a command from above to come out with the 2019 content as soon as possible. I hope they see how much damage they did to this game's reputation with that. There's not one part of it I could say it works well. It feels like I'm playing with an alpha version.

We asked you several times, but here it is again: test updates internally or make a beta version in Google Play / Apple App Store before release.


Freemium model:
F1 Mobile Racing offered advantages to it's paying users from start, but seeing you give more and more benefit to them makes me really sad. There are a lot of financially successful freemium games out there without making free-to-play users a prey for the ones who pay. The only thing you achieve with this, is that over time you'll lose free users once they realise they are inferior.
With a trademark like Formula 1 behind your back, you could have chosen another way to earn money, it would have been a guaranteed success, too.

This is what we have to race against thanks to this:

That's around $1500 spent and 01:05 in Barcelona. How could an average player possibly compete with that?

None. I'm sure you won't change the current model. I just hope you consider this for the future. You can't make a fair competitive game with a model like this.


R&D system:
This system is plain bad, it's way too slow. By opening 6-8 boxes a day, I don't think I'll have a fully developed car within a year, which is crazy. Changing the single item research system to the current box system didn't help. I mean it did, I'm getting more common parts, yay!

Also, this system doesn't encourage me to play. After reaching 9999 CP, why would I play the game when I don't have free research slots? Getting VIP with multi research helps, but again, this made the gap bigger between paying and free users. You put a potential solution to the problem behind a paywall.

Currently I have ~2000 credits and I see no point in buying loot boxes, because it wouldn't make any difference. Let's say I buy 6 Large Packs, I get lucky and receive 5 epics from each box, that's 30 epic parts. There are 12 type of epics, so chances I can upgrade a part I need are very low. That's ~$60 worth of credits spent for nothing. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to make noticeable changes to your car. That's way too greedy on your side.

1) Make ALL research slots capable of simultaneous research. This way we could play more because we could get more boxes. More boxes would mean faster car upgrades. This would also reduce the gap between paying and free users. Instead of the current (insane!) +100% research rate, VIPs would have +33% advantage.
2) Adjust the required parts to upgrade rares and epics. It was alright until 12 parts needed. 30 and 60 is just too much.
3) Make some kind of crafting system. I have hundreds of common parts, and can't do anything with them, they're just pure trash. For research points, let me craft an epic from 100 commons or 10 rare parts (and a rare from 10 commons). This would also speed up car upgrades and make use of currently worthless parts.
4) You could increase the max level of a part can be upgraded to every season. This way there's always potential improvement for both paying and non-paying users.

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Couldn't agree with you more. I've completely given up on the idea that I'll ever get to upgrade any of my blue or purple parts. I've been playing this game since it launched and I've been able to upgrade maybe 2 or 3 at best. They also keep introducing new rare parts which dilutes the pool and lowers the chances that you'll get multiple of the same part. I quit playing the duels and am about to give up on the events because of the impossible, uncompetitive lap times that people are getting. Any hope of getting out of the bronze tier is a pipe dream. 

Also, their vision of what a season mode is does not match what we've all been requesting on here. Retooling the events, binding them together with a leaderboard behind a paywall does not make a season mode. 

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One question regarding this screenshot with Barcelona result... HOW in S3 he did 20,58 ? S1 the same as mine with 380 aero, S2 he has worse than me by 1,5s (6 weeks player)  Looks like tough cheat... @ChrisGrovesMCM.

There are not any mystery that some players released "cheat sheet" how to use Game Guardian to farm credits.. but no any credits cannot substitute skill...

Have this game any cheat detection to avoid peoples with 100k credits/0.00 sectors/insane speed?

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20 minutes ago, mattzd said:

HOW in S3 he did 20,58

You're right, I didn't check sector times, just saw the 1:05. He possibly cuts the last chicane and maybe the turn after the back straight, too.
Another thing devs have to fix before the upcoming event...

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