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Track limits still busted. Bahrain a joke.

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I knew the last corner of Bahrain was still easily cuttable, but just witnessed first hand a racer still doing the same thing as Konstantin was showing us in the video pre-Bahrain event, going mega wide around corners and somehow not being penalized or even slowed by the sand. That enables the car to keep full speed the entire corner and into the straights.


On Turn 8, the driver in my screenshot went about 15 feet into the sand and then ripped back onto the track with no slowdown. But turn 13 was the most egregious- he must have gone 40 feet out wide so that he could keep speed and then absolutely ripped down the straight and was invisible by the time I rounded the last corner.

How are basic cheats like this still a thing? It’s frankly unacceptable and explains so much of the time gap for the top 1% of racers. Give us a fair fight, and maybe ask the coding team to at least try to live up to the name of your company.



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I don't think those are cheats, I think it's just simply lag. I've seen cars going through walls and stuff before coming back on track. I don't think it's anything to worry about, he is probably still driving on track normally on his screen.

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@dogryan100 Not in case of Bahrain. There is a possibility to drive out-of-track in turns 8 and 13 to gain advantage but i don't think to proper call them cheaters. They don't need to hack game, they just abusing "track limits" not properly defined by development.

Of course, they should close this limits, but what about event, where lot of peoples used them earlier ? If codies close this, then lot of peoples won't be able to compete with players at top of gold tier.

In update 5 they closed track limits on Red Bull Ring in turn 1 and 2 and it is OK, because chances are plain for all players in upcoming event.

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