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Benniz's rally driver debut - The thread

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@Benniz Rallying is something very diffrent then SIM gaming isnt it?
I guess i should make a video log from my really season too :D
Guess I will start with it this wensday! The new Peugeot 206 RC body is finally done from the paintshop <3 fresh colour!
Yes you should!!!

Well in that case , lets give it a DiRTy try ;-)

You are making me excited for my first rally of the year! Just over two weeks now!

Hmm mine first event will be 21 of March around Emmeloord ( The Netherlands)

@Benniz Goodluck this weekend! :D I am excited for you! And i would love to come over to compete in one snow rally too! :D

BTW this is the rally i will drive, very tricky and slipy


Specially for you @KickUp here some dope video from the BMW M1 coupe ( around 0:50 and 3:10 )

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ARCNoOne said:
Somebody please show that video to the team in charge of stage creation, and point out to them that most of the road is barely wider than the car, with trees and ditches on the sides.
There is no need to say that to the team, 
they know how it is in real.

but u got to remember SIM vs Arcade at the end there has to be a good balance between them.
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Really nice set of videos @Benniz‌. I must say I'm really envious of you, even if I have some nice new gear for the 2015 season, karting simply is not rallying that's for sure. :)

If you guys ever end up in a south Swedish rally I'll come cheer you on. I can really recommend Snapphanerallyt, haven't driven it but the stages looks awesome from the side of the road! 
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ARCNoOne said:
at the end there has to be a good balance between them.
But "wide enough to pass while you're both sliding sideways" isn't it.
I want something challenging, like WRC and RBR, where I actually have to think about what I'm doing, and can't just run the majority of the stage at full throttle.

Thats the SIM way of thinking ;-)
Believe, dont get me wrong, I want the same as you, because in real rallying its not all the time flat out, only the WRC and ERC drivers flat out all the time, funny fact perhaps;

Did u know that all the Rent WRC cars by privateers in every country getting more to suffer (mechanical) then when they got driven by a WRC driver?
Small example, All the factory drivers (WRC drivers) drive a rally stage for more then 90% full throttle and a few heavy brake points ,all the privateers that rent a WRC car drive much more carefull, ( no offence, because if u crash it cost a lot of money a WRC car) but because they drive the rally stage 60 or 70% flat out and more braking the Anti lag system gets really hot and get more damage = will be earlier destroyed.
Because the WRC got 90% flat out the antilag has time to cool down,.. but because of all the braking a WRC car driven by a privateer gets the antilag to hot because it has no time to cool down.

There are many other examples ( sorry rallyaddicted xD)

And to be honest even here in the Netherlands we dont have wide roads/rallystages but the main thing u have to remeber is that the young arcade rally gamers do want a little bit more space on the road.

Last but not least, belive me its in save hands our wishes over there in Southam ;-)
Specially because @jontucker was involved and @KickUp is still there ;-) so there are real rally drivers infiltrated in the Codemasters base ;-)
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This is why I pitched the idea of adjustable width tracks, on the old forums here.

I think the WRC series hit a good compromise on stage layouts.
The stages were tight enough that I had to use 2nd and 3rd a lot, but not so tight I couldn't race them while drinking.

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Thanks a lot good men! It wasn't too bad to be honest. I was expecting the second loop to be pretty bad, but in fact the grip was very good - as long as you kept inside the lines. A longer documentary should be out in the end of the week!
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