I've been playing this game for a while and spent a lot (too much?) time playing it. As I am goal oriented, playing without a goal seems pointless. So while playing the game I set myself a number of goals. However, it seems like I've done all I set out to do so I am wondering what is left. My goals: reach the maximum score of 9999 (done, a few times) drive more than 10K races (done, almost at 12K now) drive around the world (done, well almost, just a few more kilometers) get to the maximum "player rank" (done, when this was added somehow I was only at 21 but got to 25 pretty quickly) perform well in events (done, 7 events gold, 1 event I could not race so I only got silver) become good enough to beat most other players (done, I can get to 9999 pretty easily, and after throwing away all my cup points got back to league 1 winning all races I did not crash in) reach a safety rating of 5.0 (done, but impossible to stay there) see what playing at a really low safety rating is like (done, less fun that at higher SR ratings) beat the real-world track record on all tracks (done, but that is not really that hard) see how far you can get with a PI 0 car (I got to about 1700, after that it was no longer enjoyable) reach 100K Research Points (almost there, but that's a pretty useless goal as there is virtually nothing left to spend them on) I don't see another goal to strive for. At the higher cup points levels (about 7000+ or so) there are still quite a few players that are a lot better than I am, but I don't really care, as I can still get to 9999 if I want to. And now I can even pay for stuff: redo events (why? I get gold in them anyway) get more research slots (why? I am beating enough players with the car that I have) get an extra daily box (see previous point) get a choice of Epic parts (see previous 2 points) get a gold car (kind of nice but does not really offer anything special either) I really can't think of anything else to do in the game. Now if I could get a real season/career mode as was available in F1 2016 that might be interesting, but I don't see that happening any time soon. So I am wondering, what keeps others motivated to keep playing? I really hope for some great suggestions, otherwise I will probably participate in the Spain event this weekend, but stop playing afterwards.