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Thank you Codemasters. Especially you, community managers

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I am writing this fully aware that this thread could be taken as an exercise in inserting ones nose into unspeakable places, but I am hoping most of you will recognise the sincerity with which it is written and the underlying causes that has brought this thread into existence.

I want to extend my thanks to the entire codemasters team for all the work that they do for us, day in and day out. Their job is not a 9-5 job purely for the purpose of earning a wage, no. Their job is born from a desire to do something that they are passionate about, that they care about and that they strive to perfect 24/7. To work in gaming is the dream for many of us within this community, but I have been reading alot of comments on social media lately, stating that this once glorious dream has turned into a nightmare of abuse, anger and even threats for alot of those that work within the industry- none more so than the community managers.

I am a member of quite a few gaming communities and I must say that this one is one of the better ones. I am not sure if that has something to do with the types of games that codemaster put out, being aimed at a more mature audience, or just the type of people that this community draws, but I think we can all be glad that most of us here know how to show respect and treat people with dignity.

So with all this in mind I want to invite people to write in this thread, commenting with what they are thankful for, to highlight those who should be praised and to have a thread that is a fully and sincerely positive one; and so, I will start.

Codemasters, Thank you for the Dirt Rally and Formula one games- I have spent countless hours enjoying them and they serve to offer me a little respite from the grind that is daily life. Without these games I think I would have surrender to insanity by now.

And thank you to the community managers for your endless patience... that cannot be stressed enough.

The whole team is doing a cracking job.

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Hahahahaha . . . what a time I should choose to dip my toe back into a Codemasters forum after so many years away.

Perfect thread for me as I only dropped in to pass on my comments about the latest offerings.

I'm one of the 2008 Grid members and subsequent fire and brimstone which followed as Codemasters lost its way, many of its player base and many of its staff.

We swore, never again.

However, after so many false starts Dirt Rally came along. I think that the game was a little too mature for what a lot of players where looking for but I'm still playing it today.

What the game did was show that Codemasters could still cut the mustard.

Their capability with gfx has never been in question, nor their physics . . . it was game design which did for most of us.

Dirt 4 put them solidly back where they belong and Dirt Rally 2 confirms their position as the 'go to' driving game, at least it does for me.

When they get it right there is something about a Codemasters game which I don't get from any other game in the genre.


I used to be one of their biggest critics and back in the day had an invite to the works which other players wanted me to accept but turned down on the grounds that in their house I could only behave like a guest and not a critic.

Well, if I complain when its bad I have to praise when its good and as I see it Codemasters has rebuilt what was lost and maintained that level of excellence.


As for the vitriol on social media that is another story.

Some years ago I joined MySpace, this lasted for about two months as I quickly realised that social cesspool was the best description for it with the site eventually disintegrating under the weight of its own poison.

Zuckerberg is not naive nor is he a fool so when he launched Facebook saying he wanted to bring people together he wasn't lying, thing is he already knew it would become a venting platform, but then, did he actually say why he wanted to bring them together? [Spoiler Alert . . . to fatten his bank balance]

Social media platforms will always become venting ones. Even moderate Idealism would never look for a few thousand people to get along.

Put it this way, only a very tiny fraction of members would qualify to join an intellectual platform.


I belong to none of these social media sites, do not have a modern mobile to replace the oldfashioned method of communication and even with the greatest stretch of the imagination do not wish to know what some nonentity somewhere five thousand miles away is having for breakfast or thinks about the price of potatoes.


I think that the managers you refer to have the greatest weapon of all . . . the off button.

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