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My dirt 3 doesn't seem to be working correctly...

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

I recently got the game Dirt 3 for the Pc and upon loading the game and finally getting into a race the game becomes extremely laggy and I have no idea why. I ran a test to see if my computer could play this game and it passed the recommend system requirements but for some reason still seems to lag like crazy to the point of where the game is now unplayable. I thought maybe my computer was just having problems so I turn all the graphics onto Ultra Low and still the game was super laggy. I changed the resolution to the lowest it could go and still laggy. My graphics card drivers are all up to date and so then I thought that it was maybe the joy stick I was using to I unplugged it and restarted the whole game, still the problem persisted. Can someone please tell me if they have had this problem before or if they know how to fix it.

Thank you. 

Computer Specs
  • Nvidia Gforce GTX 680 TI <GPU>
  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 <CPU>
  • 16GB RAM
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You didn't play Dirt 3 in 3D perhaps? I've tried it and there is a horrible input lag wich I later solved by disabling 3D and playing it with 60Hz refresh rate. When the game starts at least on my PC it always starts with 30Hz 3D or no 3D doesn't matter so I sometimes have to switch between 60 and 59Hz to get to the actual 60Hz I want. Hope you'll understand :smile: 
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