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Does anyone from CM play DR2.0?

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Only reason I ask is because it’s been months and there’s still UNPLAYABLE aspects of the game, first of all, has any dev or anyone involved with the making of DR2.0 ever played a Night stage in Poland with Heavy Rain!!! Not only can you literally not see, even with the full beams, but the AI doesn’t slow down to compensate AT ALL, the rain looks so aweful graphically and maybe that’s part why you can’t see anything, STILL after months this hasn’t been addressed 

another thing that is a MUST is the career is unbeatable at Elite/masters level and it’s STILL not been sorted, I’ve expressed time and time again it’s not a poor skill level thing on my part as I’m quick enough to be top page on leaderboards on PS4 regularly (with no mistakes) yet I’m last in every stage on Elite, I went from Pro where I won 80-90% of my stages and Elite is 0%, the unnatural jump in difficulty MUST BE FIXED

Theres so many other issues with game like the manual wipers fiasco, the poor windscreen graphics, broken audio, non existent audio with puddles, fog and other weather elements missing from the game, losing the tuning option between service areas, the graphical black outs, pace notes being very noticeably wrong in areas, across basically every location, you know, “keep middle over jump” and it sends you directly into a snow bank... it’s a keep left over jump guys, a keep left :’0 the list is endless but these points I’m making above are core gameplay elements that are considered game breaking, I mean the career is literally unplayable when you progress far enough, Poland night in heavy rain is unplayable, and basically any stage in the night and rain is unplayable as the AI doesn’t adjust to the setting, they still post dry surface/ day times like it was never a factor for them, this is the sort of thing that really gets under our skin CM,  PLEASE FIX IT, I’m not sure how many times we can ask about these faults and not hear anything back

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