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Ps4 not recognising Thrustmaster T150

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Hi guys

I hope someone can help me. I just purchased a Thrustmaster T150 from a family friend. I know for a fact the wheel works fine as I have used it on his PS just hours before I plugged it into mine. 

When I plug it all in, the red light comes on, the slider is on PS4, the wheel does the usual rotation process to show it is on. 

After that, if I press the PS button or any button at all, it just does not get recognised on my PS4. I have plugged it into my PC, done firmware updates and tested it, everything on there and every single button is recognised and works fine. It just simply won't be recognised on my PS4. 

I have rebooted it several times. I've even tried disconnecting the controller and firing up my PS4 by the PS button on the wheel and that doesn't work either. Like I said, on my PC calibration and test settings, everything is working perfectly. 

Would love some help asap please!! 

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