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VW Polo WRC 2015 Monte Carlo Rally

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APR193 said:
I do love the VW, but the Ford for me is even better
Personally i prefere the 2014 M-Sport livery its some where better then the 2015 livery,
But i guess thats just taste,

But the Martin Prokop 2015 livery is i think with VW POLO WRC the best:

Since 2012 Prokop has always had the best livery in my opinion, his 2013 one was my favourite

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APR193 said:
I do love the VW, but the Ford for me is even better

I honestly thought this was a really boring livery. Given that they have said it has been inspired by some classic Ford rally liveries, I can think of a lot of better classic Ford rally liveries to take inspiration from. 

The back of the Polo is still a bit bland, but it looks SO good from the front: great job from VW. 

I still think the Citroen looks a bit boring. Needs more colour; I always thought the WRC DS3's looked their best in the Red Bull colours. 

I like the new Kubica livery (hopefully it will look as good in the trees! :wink:)...

...the Fuckmatie livery is still my fave looking 
Fiesta. Simple livery, but I think the car looks great in dark green. 
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