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What Is Your Favorite Discipline In The DiRT Series?

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Rally, but only in Dirt Rally. In Dirt 1 it felt almost like F1 racing, and in 2 and 3 there wasn't any rally worth mentioning. Aside from that, rallycross in 2 and 3, pretty decent arcade racing fun, but imo it was terrible in Dirt 1. Really curious how it'll be in Dirt Rally.

I always hated Gymkhana, Land Rush, Trailblazer, and all that CORR and buggy and truck stuff.
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Rally and hill climb.

It's about the cars though. To me, there are some very iconic rally and hill climb cars and liveries that I want to drive and they look great doing it.
I have that connection with rally obviously, but also hill climb thanks to legends like the Suzuki Escudo PP and how it completely broke two iterations of Gran Turismo.
I don't have that with Rally Cross. Instead I was using skin mods for DiRT 3 to put famous WRC liveries on the RX cars instead .
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Yeah, I always tried to skip the unwanted events in D3. I even did it on purpose in the hopes Codies were gathering useful stats for the next title. :)

Pikes has been fantastic as well. Now that they have the complete mesh modeled, I hope it will only get better in the future. Don't mind new iterations at all as PC performance increases.
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In Dirt...2 and 3 there wasn't any rally worth mentioning.
You're kidding, right?
You never ran Mali Alan Pass?
Li River?

Those are all very well laid out rally stages, and well worth mentioning.

I don't know if you've ever heard of a little place called Monte Carlo, or not?
They hold a rally there every now and then, it's in DiRT 3, and also well worth mentioning.

Have you played Dirt 2?
Have YOU?
Add Morocco and Baja stages into the list above, and you have a really good set of rally stages.
Add the trailblazer stages in, since you can run ACAT on them, and over half the game is rally stages.
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How much of Dirt 2 is rally? 20%? The Chinese stages are ok, but most of the rest... Baja, wasn't that the water channel nonsense? Morocco was crap, as were most other stages. Generally, one-minute or 1:30-stages are ridiculous. Trailblazer isn't rally. And Monte Carlo in Dirt 3 is among the most ridiculous I've seen with its 50m wide roads. I recognise they wanted to do more rally again in Dirt 3, but it was still so half-arsed, maybe that's the reason why they decided to do a hardcore rally game now that does it right. Hell, even the WRC games were much better than the so-called rallying in the main Dirt series, especially Dirt 2.

edit: ok maybe I'm being unfair, as a small part of a multi-discipline arcade racer, it's ok I guess. However I want a "proper" rally game, and Dirt 2 is certainly the last place to look for it.
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How much of Dirt 2 is rally? 20%?
It depends on how you count.

If you count by the number of events in career mode, it seems like there's a lot less rally content than there really is because they played up the other disciplines pretty heavily.
If you count the number of point-to-point stages available in multiplayer, and compare that to the number of variants available on the rallycross/land rush/raid tracks, it's arguably over 60%.

And your brain is really distorting things for you, with regard to Monte Carlo.
Most of the road in DiRT 3's Monte Carlo isn't much wider than your car is long, and isn't that much wider than the "perfectly measured" versions in DiRT Rally.
They widened it a bit overall, to allow for easier passing on staggered start runs, and to avoid discouraging lesser skilled drivers, but it's still relatively tight.
The Monte Carlo in the WRC series feels very wide compared to either of the DiRT versions, often having two full lanes, with run-offs.
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