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Fanatec ShifterSQ and Paddles - Mapping Issue


Have a quick question regarding Dirt Rally 2.0 and mapping the Shifter SQ and paddles. 
Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base
Fanatec BMW GT2 Rim
Fanatec Handbrake & ShifterSQ

Problem I am having is that when i want to use my paddles on the rim they are mapped as 
(5) and (6) and then when I want to use my Sequential Shifter i have to keep going back into the Input and editing the profile and re-mapping them and then they become (29) and Button 30 for the shifterSQ and then same thing when i want to go back to the Paddles - I have to re-map them all over again and they change back to (5) and (6). 

My question is do I need to keep doing this or am i missing a setting or something as far as it being able to recognize both of them without having to re-map all the time?
Anyone else having this issue or can someone tell me if there is something i am doing wrong?




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Map sequential shifter to the shift paddles is the key.

You need to have the shifter connected to the wheel base for this feature to work.

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