I have also problems with Events leaderboard : Xbox One X At the end of the on line rally event  : first screen just after finishing the last stage of the rally ( it was the same at each stages ), the board is incomplete and the time is not the cumulative time of the rally ( i suppose that it is the stage time 😕 not usefull  ) , the rank is 52 !   --------------------------------------------- the second screen is after having made a scroll-up, i found me on another rank : 11, the time is not the cumulative time of the rally again. note : it is the same if i go to top by menu,  if i make a "found me" the first screen re-appears as it was.   ------------------------------------------------- the third screen is after have finished the event and have immediately consulted its result by the Event menu , i am on another Rank : 22 , the time is correct, it supposed to be the cumulative time of the rally ( It is very unfortunate to no longer see it while we are playing the event ).  You said " Leaderboards will now support going to the top from all positions " , it seems like it broke something, the tables ranking worked very nice before the update.  =========================================== Apart from that the game works "nickel-chrome" 🙂