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Hello everyone!

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Hi there everybody my name is RickyI am not a really young geezer so any help from you youngsters would be appreciated
I have just purchased a Logitech G27 will and grid auto sports, the plan is to set it up with three of my six monitor set up (yes six monitors, I have been using them for online poker up to now)

I can't imagine that grid will work well on all six monitors so I will be happy with the lower three working well if I can manage it

Where do we start, grid auto sports looks like a great simulator, but there is so much of it, any recommendations as to which tracks and cars to train on would be appreciated

All the best, yours Ricky
PS my graphics card is a matrix 680, it has six many display ports on the back of it. Now all I have to do is to work out how to set it up, again any advice would be appreciated

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Hello, I'm AJFast12, and I'm a racing ran of f1. My first code aster game was f1 2010 for ps3 and I've played f1 since, but my first ever f1 game was f1 2002 for the playstation 2. i currently play f1 2014 with a pad (and yes i know about the issues with pads and wheels), and when i have enough savings, i will buy a G27 racing wheel. I have all assits off and use manual gears. im happy to be part of the forums and would like to discuss things f1.

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