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F1 2015 Winter Testing

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VetteIfan said:
Hope Vettel keeps this helmet.

He said in an interview this season he will be more or less keeping one, so I think he will be sticking to that. I liked seeing his different helmet designs every week but it's probably good that he's created an identity for Ferrari now. 

The Red Bull does look fantastic.
Really? So it's basically a white helmet with the German tricolor? Jeez, how uncreative are these people?
I will probably like it 1 year from now, after it became ironically iconic due to its simplicity.
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I must say it's seriously odd seeing an F1 car driving around deliberately without a front wing, but then again, serves them right for not having a spare of the new wing
No team has spares at the test. When Hamilton broke his last year at the test they couldn't run again before a new one arrived. 
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Can you imagine in 30 years time, another current driver who is a multiple champion who gets a senior position in a team doing that aha?

'And there's Lewis Hamilton, Non-Executive Director of Williams, taking a piss at testing for the 2045 season.'
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