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What I expect from F1 2015

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So there is a TON expected for F1 2015, next gen graphics, Career mode improvements and much more. But I'm hoping that one thing that has been in need for such a big improvement is...


The reason I think this is that is because I do TONS of racing online non-league and league, I'm in the Horizon Racing League and in some of my highlight videos there is such clear evidence that it needs improving

Example 1:

In this video (Skip to 1:04 if it fails) we can see that me and Akin are having a battle, coming into turn 10 in Bahrain I apparently hit Akin even though you can clearly see I was no were near hitting him.

Example 2:

(Skip to 1:47 if it fails) Here we can clearly see that Spiritus is lagging all over the place, this lag causes me to get a penalty twice, its unfair and awful that he lags ruining my race.

So apart from Multiplayer, what is there expected?

A TON of Career Mode improvements

Each year Codemasters have made the Career mode less and less realistic, they have been recently neglecting it. Keeping it the same boring HUD that didn't really make you feel like you were an F1 Driver, This has happened since F1 2012 with the ugly Menus for the pads (I'll get to them later). F1 2010 was the most realistic, and that's what almost everyone wants. We want to feel like we've just taken a podium or taken a win at Monaco. We don't wan't some emails that are the same all the time, maybe add some first person champagne as you win Monaco. You get what I mean?  

Anything else?


Finally onto this thing I expect, literally, the pads win every race, get the best starts (including me on a wheel :P) and the most OP traction I have ever seen. You need to balance them out as Equal will not do anything.


Honestly the weather is not at all realistic, in 7 straight races, me and my Co-Op friend got 6 races in the wet (Bahrain being the one without). Look on the real F1, you don't see 6 wet races in a row all the time in the 2014 season,  it seems that the dynamic setting is disappointing, maybe add Random weather selection, and make the rain less likely.

So do you agree with me? Or is there something you'd like fixing.
 Comment below!

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