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The F1 2015 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game


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mike96 said:
fIsince08 said:
VetteIfan said:
fIsince08 said:
Ok guys, I'm going to say this now to give you plenty warning.
I won't be able to continue running the game after this season due to something that's happening, and the fact that I'll be at uni next year. If you're interested in taking over then PM me about it :)
Not to be a bad influence, but the first year of Uni is just a giant p*ss up. With a bit of work in between. You would've been fine to run the game alongside that, but I'm sure afrodude will do a great job as well :p
Ah but there's another reason on top of that which will be revealed soon ;)

Hmm, are you getting married? :p
My guess would be that he's either replacing Crofty for the Sky F1 commentary team, or he's been offered a paid job to write articles about F1 (both would be pretty damn sweet!).

Or he's going to Uni in India so that he can pose as Mr and Mrs Rohan already grown up child, but because the internet out there is patchy at best he may not be able to run the predictor game properly ;)
I could do a better job than Crofty ;)
If all goes to plan I can say what on Sunday.
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Belgian Grand Prix | Qualifying 

1. Hamilton - 5
2. Rosberg - 5
3. Vettel - 0

Belgian Grand Prix | Race

1. Hamilton - 15
2. Rosberg - 15
3. Vettel - 0
4. Raikkonen - 0
5. Ricciardo - 0
6. Bottas - 0
7. Massa - 8
8. Kvyat - 0
9. Hülkenberg - 0
10. Grosjean - 0
10+38=48. Sheeeeet. 

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SynGamer said:
Spa Qualifying:
1. Rosberg - 3
2. Hamilton - 3
3. Ricciardo - 0

Spa Race:
1. Hamilton - 15
2. Vettel - 0
3. Rosberg - 8
4. Ricciardo - 0
5. Kvyat - 8
6. Raikkonen - 8
7. Hulkenberg - 0
8. Bottas - 8
9. Ericsson - 8
10. Nasr - 8
69 points if I calculated correctly. Can't believe I'm one position off for six drivers, argh!
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