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F1 2014 User Guide or Manual?

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Hi all,

Just got this game and was wondering if there's some kind of official user guide or manual? The booklet that comes with the DVD doesn't contain much. I've searched online and on the official product page but there aren't any downloads.

I was hoping to get more information on items in the Graphics and Driving Controls (for wheel) settings.

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Unfortunately there is none. However, if you have a specific question I'll be glad to help.
Thanks, I was quite surprised by the lack of documentation. I'm not a huge gamer so I have no clue what the settings for the wheels mean and their impact, e.g. Steering Deadzone, Saturation, etc. I've researched the other settings about the Graphics with some success. Will try to get more info on the wheel before posting up a new thread with my questions.
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I cannot find any documentation on Multiplayer, so when in the race lobby how do I respond when someone starts a vote to kick a player. How do I vote Yes/No?
Help appreciated
It's been a long time since I played online, but I believe you can start a vote kick or vote by selecting a player (pressing the right > key) and then selecting the player. This will pop up the vote function. You can also mute players from here, for example.
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It would be awesome to see a proper game manual that you could download as a PDF for F1 2015. I remember F1 2010 had one, in fact, here it is.

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