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GRID Autosport crashes on PC after latest NVIDIA driver update 347.25.

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I run a GTX 580 GPU and was wondering if anyone else playing the game using this card or another has had the same issue since the latest NVIDIA 347.25 update pushed through? The game gets as far as the title screen, then chequered blocks appear on the screen and the game crashes back to desktop. I've rolled back the driver and it's all good now. I've got the same latest driver installed on my other rigs with different graphics cards (GTX 970 and GTX 660 respectively) and GRID Autosport runs fine. It seems to just be a problem with this particular GPU (the GTX 580) so I'm wondering if anyone else with a 580 has had this issue?
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I can also confirm my brother and I are having this issue, but with the 353.06 Nvidia drivers . We both own an identical model and make of the GTX 580. We have tried rolling back drivers, but not any before the 347.25 update. Will try that.
A temporary fix was to force it to startup in DX10, but it just delayed the eventual crash in my case.
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