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Hi welcome to Formula Apex Racing Season 1

we are starting a new f1 2018 league for a pre-championship for f1 2019

we are looking forward to search drivers who can race at 8pm on Saturdays for a clean race and hoping for a nice championship

a lot of prizes will decided for the winner at the end of the season

join in our discord server for more infos


General rules

Lobby options:

Car Performance: Equal

Qualifying: Short

Race Distance: 50%

Weather: Dynamic


Race Settings


Parc Ferme Rules: On

Collisions: On

Vehicle Damage: Full

Ghosting: On

Safety Car: On

Rules and Flags: On

Corner Cutting: Strict

Formation Lap: On

Race Starts: Manual

Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass (Simulation)

Assists Restrictions

Braking Assists: Off

Anti-Lock Brakes: Any 

Traction Control: Any

Automatic Gearbox: Any

Pit Assist: Off

Pit Release Assist: Off

Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only

ERS Mode: Manual




Join in our discord server: https://discord.gg/KnzsEEE 


Hoping you can join us!


current drivers: 15



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