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Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on Win8.1 - how I get it super smooth (also on Win8)

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1. Install the game from CD-ROM.

2. Install the 1.09 patch from here: http://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/919

3. Set compatibility mode on the Colin McRae Rally 2 shortcut to WindowsXP (doesn't matter which). If you don't, the game won't start at all.

4. Test it works. You'll notice a window border around the game and a less-than-smooth framerate. Note: on my monitor for in-game resolution I can't use the maximum (stretched anyway) 2560x1440 resolution (as the game crashes setting it), so I go for 1920x1080 instead.

5. To remove the border and get full framerate (lovely and smooth), either drop a modified DDRAW.dll file into the game folder, or use ACT on both game.exe and rally.exe with the fixes listed here (I prefer ACT as it's not using a potentially one day out-of-date DDRAW.dll): http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/post.php?topic=99477&post=1271915

Issue: the opening videos (if they even displayed for you before, with a border) now will show black, just press Return twice to skip them.

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@VirtuaIceMan would you provide a link for these ACT files you speak of, please? The link in your previous post just leads to some kind of forum, with about 5 and a half million topics. :/

I'm not on Windows 8.1, but 7 Ultimate 64 bit... I'm still having low fps though. So the stuff you mention would be of great help. Thanks. :)
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@Porkhammer Did you try this? - http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/15755/colin-mcrae-rally-2-0-patching-the-game-for-modern-standards For me on Windows 10 it worked like a charm. Runs fullscreen (well, borderless) instead of that always visible window, supports widescreen with no stretching and runs 60 fps (in the windowed one it was noticeably under 30 fps)
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