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Welcome to the new GRID

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1 hour ago, CrazySerbianGuy said:

That trailer was so bad, graphics are bad like they are made for ps2, its just so bad that i have no more comments on this... I am sad about SMS , they were good before codemasters got them.. 😞

Yes this game looks rubbish, i hope pcars 3 to be good... 


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2 hours ago, lastbreath said:

Found the same starting point.

Look at the tower

Its rounder ))

could you do the comparison side-by-side? it's after Season 2 screenshot?

I have to say the tarmac looks great, much better on my PS4Pro@4K - Team CodeM, it's normal that the PC has better quality than the PS4Pro?

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after all I have to say that I love this arcade driving model and whole game is damn good 🙂

I also like the car models and found it even better than in the DiRT 2.0

if only the ambient / mean texture and details / could be better

I think there is something better in the weather or the sunlight operating in Dirt 2.0

also the sky in GRID is often too bright and colors are washed

also the replay is much epic relaxing in the DiRT as in the GRID is jerky cam jumping

car engines sounds much better in the GRID but the music motive from DiRT is memorable and this one from GRID you cant remember

also the polish speakers sounds like wooden actors bleeh and to solve it there should be option to choose the speakers language



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I've just done a complete career reset and the distance multiplier makes huge difference to the racing immersion so that's a really great inclusion. The only downsides are that it's not very difficult to win races (the AI seem to give up racing once you get in front) and of course neither Paris nor RBR are embedded into standard career mode.

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